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Welcome to Los Cazadores Dogo Kennels "Chuy" de Los Cazadores and a 260lb Boar
Proven boar hunting Dogos Argentinos


Los Cazadores Dogo Kennels are located in South Texas, south of San Antonio, an area proud of our rich Spanish traditions as well as our own Texas heritage. Our focus is breeding working (hunting) lines of the Dogo Argentino - the renown big game hunting dog from Argentina.  Our goal is to breed a line of Dogos that combines pure performance - the best hunting instinct and "heart" with the conformation of proven lines from the show ring. Our feelings are that keeping Dogos working in the field as hunters, yet striving towards the best possible conformation will help us get as close as possible to the "true" Dogo as envisioned by it's creators, both in temperament and physical appearance. The Dogo has already proven itself to be a premier big game hunter since it's creation in the early 20th century. The Dogo has been used extensively for the hunting of wild boar and mountain lions in Argentina and it has been used here in Texas on wild boar for the last 10-15 years or so. It is fairly certain that there are more Dogos hunting in Texas than anywhere in the world, outside of Argentina. Our hope is to preserve the hunting instincts and abilities of the Dogo by using it for what was created for: the hunting of big game, specifically wild boar.

We consider this crucial to maintaining the Dogo Argentino in it's original form.

Chepe de la Primera -proven in the woods, and some of our founding stock

A few words about the "Working Dogo"

We still use the Dogo Argentino for it's original purpose - the hunting of wild boar. This is an ancient tradition, known in Spanish speaking areas as "Monteria". This tradition parallels the well established southern tradition of hunting hogs with dogs. In our part of Texas (South Texas), wild hogs do TERRIBLE damage to crops and even smaller livestock. It is not out of the ordinary for a farmer to lose  up to 1/3 of his livelihood to wild hogs ravaging his crops. Trapping or hunting with guns only helps for a short time, because the hogs quickly go nocturnal. The most effective method of control remains using a well trained pack of dogs. If we fail to take out a substantial number, the only real recourse left, is for the landowners to bring in state provided helicopters to shoot them with semi-automatic weapons. Our dogs do a valuable service for farmers and ranchers all over south Texas who call us for help in controlling this problem.

Rankin Dogo Kennels' "Dually"

Created by Antonio and Agustin Nores Martinez in Argentina in the 1920's, the Dogo Argentino is an incredibly powerful and athletic dog that will face the most ferocious of Wild Boar on it's own turf, without fear.  They are also natural guardians protective of their families and homes. Yet they have a predictable and steady temperament and are wonderful companions, and are especially good with children. A quote from one it's creators sums this up well:

"I have seen my old Kob of the pampas, hunter of many wild boar, who had fought many times with adult pumas in the mountains, his head and body bearing the scars of his struggles, and several times at the point of death, endure patiently the most irritating teasing of children, without showing anger, snarling, or the least intent to bite." - Agustin Nores Martinez, Translated from "The Argentine Dogo"

If you want to learn more about the Dogo Argentino's temperament then please click on the "Continue"  button, below. This leads us to what we consider the most impressive aspect of the Dogo Argentino -  it's "Dual Nature".......

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